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Become a member of Ohio’s only association dedicated to the development, preservation and management of quality, affordable rural housing in Ohio. CRHDO is your advocate in rural housing, working on the national, state and local levels to provide a voice for continued support of rural housing initiatives.

CRHDO members include professionals from every sector of the housing community, including builders, owners, developers, managers, non-profits, housing authorities, syndicators, accountants, architects, attorneys, bankers and other companies that supply goods and services to the industry.

CRHDO is an affiliate of the national Council of Affordable Rental Housing (CARH), the nation’s premier association for professionals in the rural housing industry. We provide training, networking and information on issues affecting you and the rural housing industry.


  • Discounted rates for CRHDO-sponsored education and training seminars
  • Subscription to the CRHDO newsletter & policy updates
  • Listing in the CRHDO membership directory
  • Access to the RD-approved CRHDO lease and best-practices forms and applications.

By becoming a member of CARH, too, you increase your benefits:

  • Discounted rates for educational programs and designations
  • Subscription to the CARH newsletter, informational updates and meeting notices
  • Access to CARH website and email updates on regulatory and legislative changes.
  • Savings thanks to CARH’s Preferred Buyers Plus Program, which includes Wells Fargo Insurance, HD Supply, Sherwin-Williams Company, Staples and the Online Rental Exchange. Benefits with these companies include: lowest catalog pricing, free shipping, next-day delivery, discounts and more (see for more information). Products purchased in this program will prohibit the need for locating competitive bids, as agreed to by Rural Housing Services).

Join today to be a part of the organization that is your resource, your network, and your voice for affordable rural housing.

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CRHDO offers a variety of options to fit your needs and budget.

  • If you are Owner/Developer or Management Agent, please choose Option 1 or Option 2.
  • Any company or organization that provides products or services to the rural housing industry may become an Associate member. Please choose Option 3 or Option 4.

Option 1: Membership in CRHDO & National CARH

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