CRHDO Academic Enrichment Application

CRHDO Academic Enrichment Application

The Council of Rural Housing & Development of Ohio (CRHDO) would like to encourage students in grades 7-12 to participate in academic enrichment programs and encourage academic excellence among all scholarship applicants. The CRHDO Academic Enrichment Committee will offer annual grants in the amount not to exceed $1,000 per student, per year, to enable students to participate in an academic enrichment activity. 

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General Application Requirements and Eligibility Criteria of Applicants:

  • Status

The Applicant must be a live in a community that is a participating member of CRHDO at the time of the application.

  • Eligible Activities

4H Camp; Music or Band Camp; Football Camp; Cheerleading Camp; International Youth Exchange Program, or to allow a student to accompany their class to a foreign country or other school sponsored Trips.  This list is not all inclusive, additional academic building opportunities will be considered.

  • Minimum Grade Point Recommendation

Recommended accumulative 2.5 grade point average (GPA) for high school.  Must provide evidence of grades and high school affiliation.

  • Application Form

The application form must be completed in its entirety. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please note that payment may be issued 60 days from the date of the funding approval letter.

  •  Activity Brochure or informational pamphlet

The applicant must submit a brochure or pamphlet describing information regarding the activity.

  •  Submitting Applications

CRHDO will accept applications year round.  It is recommended that applications be submitted 120 days before payment is due.  Applications should be signed by the Site Manager or Member Representative. Applications can be submitted to the Site Manager, Member Representative or to the CRHDO office by e-mail at  or by mailing application to:

Council for Rural Housing & Development of Ohio

Attn: Academic Enrichment Committee

PO Box 2194

Columbus, OH 43216



Name of Site: _______________________________________________________________
Representative: _____________________________________________________________
Title: ______________________________________________________________________
Director's or Site Manager's Signature: ___________________________________________
Site Address: _______________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________________________
Phone #: ________________ FAX #: ________________ E-mail: _____________________



Applicant Name: _____________________________ Phone Number: __________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________________________
Age ____  Current Grade ____  Grade Average _____ Expected Year of Graduation ________
Parent/Guardian's Name (if applicable) ___________________________________________
Name and Address of School ___________________________________________________
Description of Activity _________________________________________________________
Date Payment Due _________________________  Date of Activity ____________________
Name & Address of School/Organization to be paid: _________________________________
Phone number of organization: ________________  Amount of Payment Requested: _______


To be completed by ALL Applicants
Have you received any other financial assistance for this activity?  If yes, list type of assistance and dollar amount received:



Summarize your academic achievements.  (i.e., scholarships, honors, awards, etc.):



List extracurricular school activities in which you are/were participating, (i.e., clubs, teams, etc.)  Use a separate sheet if necessary.  



Indicate Community activities in which you are participating. (i.e., church, community service, etc.) Use a separate sheet if necessary



Indicate any jobs, which you are holding or have held in the past.



Indicate your future academic plans.



 Funding for the CRHDO Academic Enrichment program is provided by organizations and private individuals that believe every student should have the opportunity to participate in academic enrichment programs.

To demonstrate the success of this program, we ask that if your application for this program is approved, you provide photos, letter of support or letters describing your experience during the activity.  

Your signature below indicates your approval and release for the Council for Rural Housing and Development of Ohio to use any photos or videos of you or your child together with their first and last name in our print and online marketing and business related materials.
Applicant:  _____________________________________   Date: __________________________
Parent/Guardian:  _______________________________   Date:  __________________________


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